Professor Elena Voloshina and Professor Yuriy Dedkov have received Mercator Fellowships

Recently, two professors of Shanghai University, Elena Voloshina (Shanghai 1000 Talent Professor) and Yuriy Dedkov (Shanghai 1000 Talent Professor) from the “2D Systems @ SHU” research group (Department of Physics), have received prestigious Mercator Fellowships to support their Visiting Professorships at the University of Konstanz, Germany. These Fellowships are part of the joint research project between Shanghai University and the University of Konstanz. The duration of this project is 3 years and total budget is approximately 2.5M RMB.

The goal of the joint project between two universities is to study the structure and electronic properties of a graphene layer on CMOS compatible Ge substrates. Here, the two common surfaces will be used, (110) and (100). Up to now the electronic structure of these new objects was not addressed at all. The next step is the modification of the graphene/Ge interface via placing different interlayers, like oxygen and thin layers of oxide, with the aim to decouple graphene from substrate and to tailor the properties of graphene. The effect of the substrate will be studied via combination of structural methods (LEED, STM/AFM) and photoelectron spectroscopy (NEXAFS, XPS, ARPES). Theoretical calculations of the studied objects will give a support in the understanding of the observed phenomena as well as will guide to the new interesting phenomena in these systems. In the end of the project, the fabrication of the prototype elements is planned, and the electronic properties of such objects will be studied, by means of XPS and NEXAFS, under conditions, which model the ambient environment as well as in operando conditions.

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Elena Voloshina 教授和 Yuriy Dedkov 教授获得了墨卡托奖学金

近日,上海大学 “2D Systems @ SHU” 研究组(物理系)的两位教授 Elena Voloshina 和 Yuriy Dedkov(二人均为上海市“千人计划”特聘教授)获得了著名的“墨卡托基金”(Mercator Fellowship),以支持他们在德国康斯坦茨大学担任客座教授。这些基金是上海大学和康斯坦茨大学联合研究项目的一部分。该项目历时 3 年,总预算约 250 万元人民币。

这两所大学的联合项目的目标是研究与 CMOS 兼容的 Ge 衬底上的石墨烯层的结构和电子特性。这里,将使用 (110) 和 (100) 两个公共表面。到目前为止,这些新体系的电子结构根本没有得到解决。接下来的工作是通过放置不同的中间层(如,氧原子和氧化物薄层)来修饰石墨烯/Ge 界面,目的是将石墨烯和衬底解耦,并调控石墨烯的性质。我们将通过结构方法(LEED、STM/AFM)和光电子能谱(NEXAFS、XPS、ARPES)相结合的方式来研究衬底效应。研究对象的理论计算将为理解观察到的现象提供支持,也将为这些系统中新的有趣现象提供指导。在项目的最后,制定了原型元件的制造计划,并将在周围环境和工作条件下,利用 XPS 和 NEXAFS 研究这些物体的电子特性。

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