For new members

We welcome new members joining the 2D Systems team!

In order to prepare your personal page at our group web-site:

  • please put as much as possible info in cv.tex and send it to me
  • please send your high quality photo (square) to me

In order to make our work more effective, we use cross-platform software in our group:

    Data processing and plotting:
    Crystallographic software:
    Figures preparation:
  • Adobe Illustrator (Link)
    Text processing:
  • TeX for Mac (Link)
  • TeX for Windows (Link)
  • Pages for Mac (Link)
  • MS Word for Windows or Mac (Link)
    Reference management:
  • Keynote for Mac (Link)
  • LaTeX (Link)
  • MS PowerPoint for Windows or Mac (Link)

If you need license for some of the above software, please let me know.

Please, let me know if any further important information should be presented here!