International Symposium on Materials Science: Theory Meets Experiment

November 12-13, 2019 / Shanghai University, Shanghai, China

The scope of the International Symposium on Materials Science: Theory Meets Experiment (ISMS’2019), being held in Shanghai University 12 – 13th of November 2019, is to bring together people who are actively working in the area of Materials Physics and Chemistry and use modern theoretical or experimental approaches to study crystallographic structure, electronic and magnetic properties of solids.

The symposium addresses the broad range of topics in Materials Science: ranging from quantum chemistry and materials synthesis to superconductivity and heavy electron systems. ISMS’2019 is set to give a comprehensive review of the latest developments in the field of Materials Science by a selection of distinguished invited speakers from leading research centers and industry. At the same time the location and schedule should stimulate inspiring scientific exchange and networking between senior and young researchers.

Number of participants is limited to 60. Please register via e-mail (title, name, affiliation) before November 1. Registration is free.

We hope to see you in Shanghai!

Timetable and Book of Abstracts


Ao, Ping (敖平) Shanghai University, China
Boukhvalov, Danil Nanjing Forestry University, China
Burton, Lee Shanghai University, China
Cui, Yi (崔义) Nano-X/SINANO, China
Ge, Junyi (葛军饴)Shanghai University, China
Gong, Kui (龚奎)Hongzhiwei technology, China
Paulus, BeateFreie Universität Berlin, Germany
Ren, Wei (任伟)Shanghai University, China
Vyalikh, AnastasiaTechnische Universität Bergakademie Freiberg, Germany
Vyalikh, DenisDonostia International Physics Center, Spain
Wang, Xiaoping (汪晓平)SPECS Group

Organising Committee:

Dedkov, YuriyCollege of Science, Shanghai University, China
Ge, Junyi (葛军饴)Materials Genome Institute, Shanghai University, China
Voloshina, ElenaCollege of Science, Shanghai University, China

Technical Support:

Gao, Xiaoyan (高晓燕)ICQMS, Shanghai University, China
Guo, Qilin (郭麒麟)ICQMS, Shanghai University, China
Yan, Mouhui (颜谋回)ICQMS, Shanghai University, China


Shanghai University, North Gate, New Lehu Hotel, Xuehai Hall (2nd Floor)
Shanghai, Baoshan, 716 Jinqiu Road

上海大学 北大门 乐乎新楼 学海厅 (二楼)
上海市 宝山区 锦秋路 716 号

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