Surface Science Cluster

FlexPES HR ARPES instrument, which was produce by SPECS Surface Nano Analysis GmbH, is devoted to the high angular- and energy-resolution electronic structure studies of different objects which must be in the monocrystalline or polycrystalline form. (Powder and wet samples are generally not possible; some special samples can be discussed case-by-case.) This instrument was installed in our group in January 2021 and is in full operation since October 2021. We also provide access to this instrument to different users under conditions which are placed below.

This XPS/ARPES instrument consists of two chambers, preparation and analysis, and load-lock for sample loading. Main components are:

  • Energy analyzer: SPECS PHOIBOS 150 with 2D-CMOS detector
  • Monochromatized UV source: UVS 300 with TMM 304
  • Sample handling in the analysis chamber: Motorized 5-axis manipulator Ganymed with temperature range 7 K – 300 K
  • Monochromatic x-ray source: FOCUS 500/600 with two lines (Al K\alpha, 1486.6eV and Ag L\alpha, 2984.3 eV)
  • Ion source for sample preparation: IQE 11/35, ion energy range 0 eV – 3000 eV
  • Sample morphology characterization: ErLEED 100 with ErLEED 1000-A power supply
  • Sample handling in the preparation chamber: Motorized 4-axis manipulator with temperature range 100 K – 1200 K
  • Sample heating in the preparation chamber: high temperature heating stage with temperatures up to 2300 K
  • Thin films preparation: a series of e-beam evaporators (commercial EBE-1 and home-made)

The access to this instrument inside Shanghai University and for external users is provided only under the full control performed by members of the group lead by Prof. Yuriy Dedkov and Prof. Elena Voloshina.

The main rules for access to this instrument are the following:

  • Please send your request for the experiment directly to Prof. Yuriy Dedkov (e-mail: or to Prof. Elena Voloshina (e-mail: Only requests which are sent by e-mail will be considered (other communication channels will not be considered and will be ignored). This rule is introduced with the aim of making proper planning and careful documentation of all experiments
  • In your request for measurement on FlexPES HR ARPES attached to your e-mail please specify: (1) name of the sample, (2) composition of the sample, (3) size of the sample (ideally, it has to be more than 2×2 mm2), (4) poly- or single-crystalline sample, (5) method of preparation in UHV, (6) any other useful information about sample and measurement procedure. (Later, the special form will be prepared for the measurement request, where particular fields have to be filled before starting experiments.)
  • Please provide info – how urgent and important are your measurements. This will allow us to carefully select the respective time in our work
  • After receiving all information, you will be notified within one week (or shorter) about available slots for experiments
  • Our group can provide not more than 20-25% of our working time for experiments on the samples from other experimental groups
  • The prices for the access to FlexPES HR ARPES instrument are specified below
No.MethodKind of measurementPrice Notes
1XPSSurvey spectrum (∆E = 0.5 eV)1000 RMB/hourFor SHU (minimal time set: 2 hours)
2XPSDetailed spectra of core levels (∆E is defined by request)2000 RMB/hourFor SHU (minimal time set: 2 hours)
3XPSDetailed spectrum of valence band (∆E is defined by request)2000 RMB/hourFor SHU (minimal time set: 2 hours)
4XPSXPS mapping (parameters are defined by request)2000 RMB/hourFor SHU (minimal time set: 4 hours)
5UPSDetailed spectrum of valence band (∆E is defined by request)2000 RMB/hourFor SHU (minimal time set: 2 hours)
6ARPESValence band angular mapping (∆E, angular resolution, scanning range of energy and angles are defined by request); Motorised polar angle scan4000 RMB/hourFor SHU (minimal time set: 4 hours)
7ARPESValence band angular mapping (∆E, angular resolution, scanning range of energy and angles are defined by request); Electrostatic deflector lenses scan4000 RMB/hourFor SHU (minimal time set: 4 hours)
8LEEDSample preparation and measurements500 RMB per single energyFor SHU (minimal set: 2 energy points)
9Sample treatment Single- and poly-crystals preparations in UHV conditions (energy of Ar beam and annealing temperatures are specified by request)500 RMB/hourFor SHU (minimal time: 1 hour)


  • for external requests the factor of 1.5 is applied
  • if additional samples preparations’ routines will be required during experiments, then price is calculated accordingly
  • for low-temperature XPS, UPS, ARPES experiments the price for measurements will be increased and discussed before every experiment set