Dedkov, YuriyPrincipal Investigator (Experiment)E119 (ICQMS), 427A (MGI)
Voloshina, ElenaPrincipal Investigator (Theory)E119 (ICQMS)
Gao, Xiaoyan (高晓燕)SecretaryE113 (ICQMS)
Yan, Mouhui (颜谋回)PostdocE118 (ICQMS)
Guo, Yefei (郭叶飞)PhD student (I)E107 (ICQMS)
Jin, Yukun (金毓坤)Master student (III)E109 (ICQMS)
Li, Kexin (李可欣)Master student (III)E105 (ICQMS)
Yang, Jiali (杨佳丽)Master student(II)E103 (ICQMS)
Zhang, Jiaxin (张佳欣)Master student (I)E104 (ICQMS)
Zhou, Junhao (周俊豪)Master student (I)E107 (ICQMS)
Zhu, Na (朱娜)Master student(II)E103 (ICQMS)

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